Friday, October 25, 2013

My new e-book is out!!! "50 Low Fat Raw Vegan Salad Dressings"

"50 Low Fat Raw Vegan Salad Dressings"

You wanna be raw, but those dinner time cravings get you down? You want to eat those healthy big salads for dinner, but your salad dressings keep coming up non palatable?

Here are 50 low fat raw vegan salad dressings for you to succeed being a low fat raw vegan.


Being vegan might be tricky in some situations, but being raw is even more trickier since seemingly nobody eats this way. And being a LOW FAT raw vegan might seem downright impossible, because you eat delicious fruit all day, but at dinner time you want something savoury and a simple salad just wont cut it. You need a savoury dressing to go with it to really feel satisfied.

You have tried some low fat dressings before, but sometimes they turn out like crap and once you had to even throw your healthy salad away cos' it was just not edible.

So making sure that this won't happen again and that you will have a delicious salad dressing every day, you might like what i have for you...:)

I created "50 Low fat raw vegan salad dressings" for you (and for myself too!) to finally beat those dinner time cravings and really boost your low fat raw vegan journey. Say goodbye to cravings and start to really enjoy what you eat EVERY DAY!

Having my e-books can make low fat raw vegan journey EASY and enjoyable like a warm ocean breeze :)

You might have these problems on your raw food diet:
1. You want to remain low fat raw but you are sick of eating the same salad and the same dressing every day, so sometimes you comsume too much fat just to make your salad more tasty.
2. You want to eat more greens for healthy and necessary minerals but having a salad just don't seem palatable.
3. You know that making a fruity salad dressing is simple (at least everybody seems to have their favourite dressing), but you just need a bunch of recipes to start experimenting, but you have no idea where to start.
4. You have dinner time cravings, you want something more savoury than just a plain lettuce or celery.
5. You keep going back to cooked foods because you can't feel completely satisfied and end up feeling terrible. You know that with various of good salad dressings you would really enjoy a good hearty low fat raw vegan salad.

I might have a solution for you!
I used to get so bored eating a low fat raw vegan salad with just a squeeze of orange juice. But then i started experimenting with low fat dressings and i found some pretty amazing ones to keep me satisfied. Having a delicious dressings every day was the key point for me to start eating more raw salads.

Having created numerous yummy salad dressings I started to look forward for my savoury raw salads. And having a 50 different dressings to choose from - you never get bored! And if you keep trying new ones, you will end up making some of your own pretty soon!

My e-book is for you, if you want to:
1. Completely end your dinnertime cravings and feel satisfied after your dinner
2. Enjoy being a low fat raw vegan without any struggles
3. Make this lifestyle easy breezy

Why this book is unique:
* 50 delicious low fat raw vegan salad dressing recipes
* Half of the dressings are completely overt fat free
* Natural hygiene and 80/10/10-friendly recipes
* Very simple recipes, most of them having just 3-4 ingredients
* Completely salt, oil, vinegar and soy free recipes
* Every recipe includes a colourful photo
* Very easy instructions and it takes only 5 minutes or less to make your savoury salad
* Besides a dressing recipe there is a salad recipe to go with your dressing
* Very simple and easy to find ingredients
* You only need a blender to make all of the salad dressing recipes

Health benefits of eating low fat raw vegan?
* Increased energy
* Have clear skin, strong nails and shiny hair
* No more bad body odor
* Improved fitness
* Healthy weight
* Mental clarity and happiness
* Emotional balance and spiritual connection
and much more

Why wait? Claim your health now!



  1. Hi, I 've just discovered your blog and i'm also your newest follower....great blog btw. Did you complete insanity? I started day 1 today. My body is pretty much like yours, i'm slim but have no tone and after having my second baby i need all the help i can get.

  2. Hi! No, i didnt finish it. i did one month. Just because of travelling it was more flexible for me to start running again and i still do insanity workout sometimes, but not every day :) and i love Blogilates workout right now, you can check it out on Youtube and she has a free downloadable workout schedule for the month also if you want :)

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