Friday, July 19, 2013

My first Raw food recipe BOOK is out in Estonia!


a little update from me :)

I know this site is collecting dust at the moment. It because i have so much other stuff to do here in Estonia.
We founded our own company Paradiisi Maitse (The Taste of Paradise:)) and we just published our first raw food recipe book!

English version e-book available here:

This is the front cover. It says Raw Food with these fruit-veggie letters :)

Here are some pictures from the book:


Warm vegetable soup

Cauliflower curry salad

Indian spicy dip sauce

Raw Pad Thai

Mango cake

And here are some theme tables:

Asian theme

Indian theme

Italy theme

Birthday theme

We were very busy making the recipe book. I made the design and photos.

Few days ago we had our book presentation. There were so many people!

And now our book is #1 in Top10 :)

Tomorrow we are going to the yoga festival for two days - making smoothies and fresh juices and selling our book :) Next week we are invited to cater in a retreat for 18 people for 8 days. We gonna make raw breakfast and lunches and cooked vegan meals for dinner.

At 10-11 august there is Estonian Raw Food Festival coming where we gonna attend and help to prepare some raw food and finally in the middle of august we have a joga-raw food camp coming for 3 days where we are making raw food again of course :)



  1. Wow! The book looks absolutely beautiful! Great job :)
    I came across your upside down cake and I can't wait to try it out. Thanks!


    1. Thank you! Upside down cake is delicious! Hope you like it :)