Saturday, December 15, 2012

25-30/30 HCRV 811


This week i did lot more juicing. I really really love juices now.
Also tried some new recipes. For example i tried to make my own sourkraut today. It will take three days for it to be ready, so we'll see what happens, but it tasted very good already, so i think it will taste amazing. Sourkraut is a traditional Christmas food here in Estonia.

Went to the market and shop today and bought some food. I honestly dont understand what people whine about not having enough raw food or fruit here in Estonia. I feel that i have more variety here than in Australia where we were living in a remote area for 4 month with basically only oranges and bananas. Today i bought bananas, dates, mandarins, grapes, persimmons, oranges, lots of veggies, pomelo....i have so many options of what to eat!

Ahh, and today we finally got a blender!!! :D yes i have a dehydrator, Hurom juicer, spiralizer and so on...but i didnt have a blender :D But yes, after we came back from Aussie we just didnt find any good ones and just used our hand held food processor. But now we just thought...what the %#¤&%¤/! we just gonna buy one! And we bought this one. It was cheap, i think like 54 euros and my first date smoothie was really good :)

And also i made these delicious and crunchy carrot-flaxseed crackers. They look so colourful and beautiful!


  1. I just discovered your blog, i'm in love! Do you happen to have the recipe for the crackers? They look amazing!

    1. Thank you! :)

      2-3 carrots
      1/3 leek
      1 cup flaxseeds

      You can grind the flaxseeds or just use a flaxmeal. Shred everything in food processor to form a paste. Cover the dehydrator sheet and dehydrate for approx 12 hrs or when they are crisp :)

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  3. What about the Philips blender? Is this one good enough or wouldnt buy again?

  4. Its good enough for me. My boyfriend made me a tamper (from wood) kinda similar to Vitamix tamper and it helps with thicker stuff like soups or dressings :)