Friday, October 25, 2013

My new FREE e-book is out!!! "50 Low Fat Raw Vegan Salad Dressings"

Free Ebook: "50 Low Fat Raw Vegan Salad Dressings"

You wanna be raw, but those dinner time cravings get you down? You want to eat those healthy big salads for dinner, but your salad dressings keep coming up non palatable?

Here are 50 low fat raw vegan salad dressings for you to succeed being a low fat raw vegan.

Get  the book from here:

Being vegan might be tricky in some situations, but being raw is even more trickier since seemingly nobody eats this way. And being a LOW FAT raw vegan might seem downright impossible, because you eat delicious fruit all day, but at dinner time you want something savoury and a simple salad just wont cut it. You need a savoury dressing to go with it to really feel satisfied.

You have tried some low fat dressings before, but sometimes they turn out like crap and once you had to even throw your healthy salad away cos' it was just not edible.

So making sure that this won't happen again and that you will have a delicious salad dressing every day, you might like what i have for you...:)

I created "50 Low fat raw vegan salad dressings" for you (and for myself too!) to finally beat those dinner time cravings and really boost your low fat raw vegan journey. Say goodbye to cravings and start to really enjoy what you eat EVERY DAY!

Having my e-books can make low fat raw vegan journey EASY and enjoyable like a warm ocean breeze :)

You might have these problems on your raw food diet:
1. You want to remain low fat raw but you are sick of eating the same salad and the same dressing every day, so sometimes you comsume too much fat just to make your salad more tasty.
2. You want to eat more greens for healthy and necessary minerals but having a salad just don't seem palatable.
3. You know that making a fruity salad dressing is simple (at least everybody seems to have their favourite dressing), but you just need a bunch of recipes to start experimenting, but you have no idea where to start.
4. You have dinner time cravings, you want something more savoury than just a plain lettuce or celery.
5. You keep going back to cooked foods because you can't feel completely satisfied and end up feeling terrible. You know that with various of good salad dressings you would really enjoy a good hearty low fat raw vegan salad.

I might have a solution for you!
I used to get so bored eating a low fat raw vegan salad with just a squeeze of orange juice. But then i started experimenting with low fat dressings and i found some pretty amazing ones to keep me satisfied. Having a delicious dressings every day was the key point for me to start eating more raw salads.

Having created numerous yummy salad dressings I started to look forward for my savoury raw salads. And having a 50 different dressings to choose from - you never get bored! And if you keep trying new ones, you will end up making some of your own pretty soon!

My e-book is for you, if you want to:
1. Completely end your dinnertime cravings and feel satisfied after your dinner
2. Enjoy being a low fat raw vegan without any struggles
3. Make this lifestyle easy breezy

Why this book is unique:
* 50 delicious low fat raw vegan salad dressing recipes
* Half of the dressings are completely overt fat free
* Natural hygiene and 80/10/10-friendly recipes
* Very simple recipes, most of them having just 3-4 ingredients
* Completely salt, oil, vinegar and soy free recipes
* Every recipe includes a colourful photo
* Very easy instructions and it takes only 5 minutes or less to make your savoury salad
* Besides a dressing recipe there is a salad recipe to go with your dressing
* Very simple and easy to find ingredients
* You only need a blender to make all of the salad dressing recipes

Health benefits of eating low fat raw vegan?
* Increased energy
* Have clear skin, strong nails and shiny hair
* No more bad body odor
* Improved fitness
* Healthy weight
* Mental clarity and happiness
* Emotional balance and spiritual connection
and much more

Why wait? Claim your health now!

Friday, July 19, 2013

My first Raw food recipe BOOK is out in Estonia!


a little update from me :)

I know this site is collecting dust at the moment. It because i have so much other stuff to do here in Estonia.
We founded our own company Paradiisi Maitse (The Taste of Paradise:)) and we just published our first raw food recipe book!

English version e-book available here:

This is the front cover. It says Raw Food with these fruit-veggie letters :)

Here are some pictures from the book:


Warm vegetable soup

Cauliflower curry salad

Indian spicy dip sauce

Raw Pad Thai

Mango cake

And here are some theme tables:

Asian theme

Indian theme

Italy theme

Birthday theme

We were very busy making the recipe book. I made the design and photos.

Few days ago we had our book presentation. There were so many people!

And now our book is #1 in Top10 :)

Tomorrow we are going to the yoga festival for two days - making smoothies and fresh juices and selling our book :) Next week we are invited to cater in a retreat for 18 people for 8 days. We gonna make raw breakfast and lunches and cooked vegan meals for dinner.

At 10-11 august there is Estonian Raw Food Festival coming where we gonna attend and help to prepare some raw food and finally in the middle of august we have a joga-raw food camp coming for 3 days where we are making raw food again of course :)


Saturday, January 5, 2013

What is "Fruit" and "Vegetable"?

From the book "The Health Seekers Yearbook" by Victoria Bidwell

What exactly is "Fruit"?

Typically we think that fruit is just something found in the garden or on our plate, but here is the formal explanation of fruit from Webster's Dictionary:

"A fruit is the reproductive product of a tree or other plant...the edible, succulent product, generally covering and including the seed...or mature ovary. Essentially, fruit is made of two parts: the pericap, or edible flesh, and the seed portion itself."

Note thet from the botanical definition, nuts and seeds fall into the fruit category. Also note that many foods we commonly call "vegetables" are actually recognized by botanists as fruits! These include tomatoes, squash, eggplant, cucumbers, pumpkins, and others.

What exactly is a "Vegetable"?

Likewise, strictly speaking, vegetables are those plants that grow as stalks or leaf clusters of flowering plants that do not develop into a succulent portion of edible mesocarp surrounding a seed portion. Vegetables may be classifies into 4 main categories:

1. Fruit-bearing "vegetables": As previously stated, these commonly-thought-of-vegetables are actually "nonsweet fruits" and include such foods as tomatoes, squashes, peppers, cucumbers and the eggplant and pumpkin.

2. Green vegetables: These include all the leafy greens, all the nonstarchy vegetables, the sprouts, and all the vegetables from the "cruciferous" family: kohlrabi, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli.

3. Tubers, blubs, and roots: These include "the underground vegetables": carrots, beets, potatoes, rutabagas, turnips, parsnips and so on. This group also includes the somewhat toxic, ninIdeal Foods such as radishes, onions, garlic, scallions and leeks.

4. Fungi: Non considered Ideal Foods, these include foods such as mushrooms, algae,and some seaweed varieties.

The Ideal Diet For Humans

Here's the definition of the ideal diet for humans from the book "The Health Seeker's Yearbook" by Victoria Bidwell

"Fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds - in their uncooked, whole, natural state - taken in modest amounts and proper combinations - while in a state of rest and Emotional Balance!"

Note: "Whole" refers to the food before it has been cut, sliced, blended, diced, minced, mashed, juiced, and so on. "Natural" meas just as the food comes off the vine, stalk, stem, branch, or out of the earth before any kind of processing, whatsoever.

Well, that's something to think about...

The ideal diet can also summarized in just 3 words:
1. WHOLE ...whole food is superior to fragmented food.
2. RAW ...raw food is superior to cooked food.
3. PLANT ...plant food is superior to animal food.

Most common thing that people fear when starting The Ideal Diet is that something essential is missing from the diet. Where do i get enough calcium, will i get enough protein? I ask: "If you dont get your vitamins and minerals from The Ideal Diet, then where would you get it? From cooked food? From conventional food? The answer is that fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds will provide you with EVERYTHING :)

So how to categorise our Ideal Food? Here is the criteria of Ideal Food:

1. Ideal Foods must be nontoxic. Toxic foods are anti-life, anti-vital foods and they are poisonous to our body. It doesn't matter if its poisonous in a big way or just a little bit. Do you want to poison your body just a little bit? The body cannot use toxic food for optimum nutrition. Ingested toxins in unnatural foods and drink are the primary basis for enervation and toxemia and future disease. Only fruits are virtually toxin-free, as are most vegetables, nuts and seeds.

2. Ideal Foods must be edible in the whole, raw, natural state. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are very easily eaten that way and they are delicious! The food you cannot eat in a raw state and doesn't taste good in that was is simply not our Ideal Food.

3. Ideal Foods must have sensory appeal. Our Ideal Foods must look good to the eye, must give exciting aromas and be delicious to our taste buds. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds meet this criteria.

4. Ideal Foods must be easily digested when eaten alone or in proper combinations. Ideal Food digests very good without the formation of pathological debris. And the foods are easily assimilated and absorbed without requiring tremendous drain in nerve energy. The simple sugars from fruits are absorbed in less than an hour, which makes the the most easily digested food of all.

5. Ideal Food must be efficiently digested. The human digestive system was created to thrive on The Ideal Diet and to digest efficiently. But if we eat anything from steak and potatoes to hot fudge sundaes to root beer floats that the human digestive system runs inefficiently. The SAD diet is an energy drain, but The Ideal Diet is an energy enhancer.

6. Ideal foods must have protein adequacy. Proteins are broken down to amino acids by the body, which are immediately assimilable nutrients. Because the body recycles approximately 2/3 of its proteinaceous waste in what is called the "amino acid pool", the body needs only 20-30 g of protein daily, or less. The meat and dairy industries wants to make us believe that we need 3-4 times this amount! Such high amounts of animal protein could lead to protein poisoning and contributes to a number of chronic, degenerative diseases. A diet high in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds provide us with enough high quality, nontoxic protein. The Ideal Diet is about 5% protein. (5% protein in terms of daily caloric value).

7. Ideal food must be adequate in vitamin content. Whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds - those what are not processed, refined and so on - are vitamin rich. When those foods are eaten in its "suncooked" form, no supplementation is needed. Supplements are unnatural and toxic.

8. Ideal Diet must be adequate in mineral salts. Ideal Foods are mineral rich. In Ideal Diet the minerals remain organic in form, since they come from whole, raw foods directly. Cooking and processing  renders many minerals in foods inorganic through chemical alteration, evaporation and leaching. These minerals are not usable for the body and they are toxic. Likewise, mineral supplements introduces inorganic (that is, toxic) minerals into the system.

9. Ideal foods must supply needs for essential fatty acids. All the recognised "essential fatty acids" which the body requires but cannot synthesize are supplied in fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds abundantly. We need very little actual FAT to begin with! Studies estimate that conventional American diets are from 37 to as much as 45% fat, most of which is saturated and high in cholesterol. Raw fruits and vegetables are only 1-5% fat, low in saturation, with no cholesterol. (The % quoted refer to calorie content of given food).

10. Ideal foods must supply our caloric needs. Our bodies need fuel. It is estimated that approximately 90% of the body's nutrient needs are for glucose or "simple sugar". Carbohydrates, high in simple sugars, are the most readily usable form of body fuel. And fruits - of all the Ideal Foods - best meet this need. The carbohydrates in fruit are easily, efficiently converted to blood glucose, the body's primary fuel source.

11. Ideal Foods are water-sufficcient. The purest of water is found in fruits and vegetables, which are 78-95% water in the uncooked form. A diet of such foods will eliminate the need to drink liquid at all, except under conditions of vigorous exercise or warm climates.

12. Ideal Foods are alkaline in metabolic reaction. The healthy human body remains alkaline condition. The normal state of pH is 7.4, which is slightly alkaline. And we must supply our body with alkaline foods to remain in that condition. A food is classified "acid" or "alkaline" depending on which type of minerals predominate. The acid minerals are sulphur, phosphorous, choline, which predominate in meat, eggs, refined sugar and refined grain products and most nuts and seeds. The alkaline minerals are sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron, which predominate in virtually all fruits and vegetables and some nuts and seeds. to maintain the proper balance, the diet should be 80% alkaline and 20% acid-forming foods.

13. Ideal Foods are fiber-rich. The human diet needs fiber to insure stimulation of peristaltic throughout the gastro-intestinal tract. all uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds fulfill this criterion ideally.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

25-30/30 HCRV 811


This week i did lot more juicing. I really really love juices now.
Also tried some new recipes. For example i tried to make my own sourkraut today. It will take three days for it to be ready, so we'll see what happens, but it tasted very good already, so i think it will taste amazing. Sourkraut is a traditional Christmas food here in Estonia.

Went to the market and shop today and bought some food. I honestly dont understand what people whine about not having enough raw food or fruit here in Estonia. I feel that i have more variety here than in Australia where we were living in a remote area for 4 month with basically only oranges and bananas. Today i bought bananas, dates, mandarins, grapes, persimmons, oranges, lots of veggies, pomelo....i have so many options of what to eat!

Ahh, and today we finally got a blender!!! :D yes i have a dehydrator, Hurom juicer, spiralizer and so on...but i didnt have a blender :D But yes, after we came back from Aussie we just didnt find any good ones and just used our hand held food processor. But now we just thought...what the %#¤&%¤/! we just gonna buy one! And we bought this one. It was cheap, i think like 54 euros and my first date smoothie was really good :)

And also i made these delicious and crunchy carrot-flaxseed crackers. They look so colourful and beautiful!

Monday, December 10, 2012

25/30 HCRV 811

Today went running. Lots of snow here in Estonia. Its a view from my window :)

Then ate a banana pudding with cinnamon. And added about 7 soft fresh dates to it later. mmm...

Later made a recipe with zucchini noodles.

Yesterday i bought a lot of veggies to make a juice so i made this one with cabbage (plain cabbage juice is very good actually!), carrots, spinach.

And with leftover juice pulp i made these raw crackers...dunno how they gonna turn out, but lets see :)
So its: pulp from carrots, cabbage, spinach then added some soaked buckwheat what is really great to use for something to stick together. And i put some seeds in it too - pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

21-24/30 HCRV 811

Today we had a little raw food Christmas fair.

There was raw ginger bread cookies, crackers, candies, books and so on.

We made a "Christmas drink" - dates, warm water, cinnamon and ginger.

Here´s our little table - made some raw halva, marzipan and energy balls.

Some were selling also books about raw food or health books in different subjects.

Raw cake, salad, filled mushrooms and nori rolls.

I made this booklet with raw recipes :)

Went to the shop and market today, bought some veggies for juicing, bananas, dates, mandarins, oranges, persimmons, apples...

Made a veggie juice - celery, carrots, beetroot and apple.